Get more leads! At the lowest possible cost-per-lead!

Work with Someone Who Knows you...

Don’t let some anonymous agency or robotic service take care of your internet advertising from halfway around the world. AdHui knows small business, knows search engine marketing, and through our individual attention and dedicated research, we’ll get to know your business too. The result: customers find you first.

Local, Knowledgeable AND High-tech!

We’re not only search fanatics, but we’re smart too! AdHui maximizes your reach by advertising across all major search engines. We optimize daily bid prices using propriety bidding algorithms designed specifically for local small business. This optimal bidding protocol, when implemented across all major search engines, ensures that you are always maximizing your ROI - AND it allows you to adjust and improve your strategy at any time. You can target your online advertising with respect to day of week, time of day or even demographic data that serves your business best. In addition to tracking clicks and conversions, we also track the number of emails or calls stemming from your online campaigns.

Years of Experience

Founded by pioneers of online advertising technology, AdHui uses the same technologies and expertise for your targeted online advertising that we’ve developed to optimize and manage multi-million dollar advertisinng campaigns for fortune 500 companies. Taking the lessons learned in building such campaigns and in serving billions of online ads for Fortune 500 compaines like AOL, American Express and T-mobile, AdHui offers small business advertisers an incredibly unique and reliable perspective.