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Online advertising works! How do we know? Because you are reading this page.
By reading the below, you get an uncensored version of small business advertising and why AdHui is number 1 in what we do….getting you more leads at the lowest possible cost per lead.

  • How to choose an SEM agency to advertise your business….
  • So...What Will AdHui Do For My Business?
  • I Don't Have A Website Or My Website Needs A Facelift
  • How to choose an SEM agency to advertise your business….

    With AdHui, we are so confident with our technology that we operate with 100% transparency. This means you will know where every penny is spent. The following are questions that any business owner should ask when considering outsourcing your advertising to a SEM agency.

  • How much Venture Capital have they received? If in the millions then count on very high markups on the costs per click. About half of your monthly budget will be used operations rather than going where is needs to go...your advertising.

    With AdHui, our technology exceeds the competition but yet we received no VC funding and this is by choice. This allows AdHui to allocate more of your budget to advertising than any other SEM agency without having investors breathing down our necks.

    AdHui was founded by members that developed artificial intelligence algorithms that optimizes campaigns for Fortune 100 with billions of ad impressions and multi-million dollar budgets. This technology is now used for small and medium sized businesses.

  • What is the SEM’s agency’s markup per click? There is no reason not to provide these details in reporting. If they don’t show you….its for a reason. For example, you should know how much every click least to the level that the Ad Networks will allow. Ask them to show proof. With AdHui….we do! With a media spend of $500 or more, no more than 20% should go to the agency for operational costs.

    AdHui is the only SEM agency providing our level of techology with the majority of your spend going to your advertising.

  • Ask for a break down of reporting by ad network. For example, what is the ad spend by Google AdWords versus Microsoft Ad Center? With AdHui, we provide the details with 100% transparency. You know where every penny is spent.

  • Ask if your ads are served on search engines or if your ad is placed on a directory where the cost per click is shared amongst your competition. For example, an SEM agency might create a generic ad that will link into a page with your competition and charge you a portion or the full portion of the click.

    With AdHui, we don’t to that. Your ad links directly to your site...always! We market you! Not the competition.
  • So...What Will AdHui Do For My Business?

    At AdHui, we use our own technology to get leads. This means we use our own dashboard to monitor our progress for generating leads and for automatically adjusting our ad spend by ad network and keyword. To maximize your advertising, you have to advertise on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Do otherwise means that you are loosing potential customers.

    Setting up a campaign requires a lot of work. The following are the services that we provide and answers to some questions you might have.

    Where are my ads served?
    Your ads are served on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, and AOL in the sponsored listings, maps, and where applicable, smart phones such as the iPhone.

    Do my ads link to my web site directly or do a directory with service providers in my area?
    Ads on all networks link directory to your website. We are in the business of advertising you, not your competition. Your customers are busy, like you, if you have a compelling ad, and a compelling web site they will pick up the phone and call with our “needed now” keyword bidding policy.

    What do you do to get me started with Yellow Page Advertising?

  • We setup your campaigns on all of the Ad Networks and optimize them for local Yellow Pages Advertising. This includes setting up the accounts, campaigns, and ad groups that models how your product and services reflects your business and your unique brand position.

  • We use keywords where the users search query has a “needed now” intent thus increasing your ROI and lead acquisition rate.

  • We track the number of phone calls and emails you receive by ad network and keyword. This means we can identify keywords that have a lot of clicks but no contacts thus changing strategy for that keyword. We can also find out which keywords are working on a specific ad network augment its effect for driving you even more leads.

  • AdHui continually adjust your campaigns to reflect your changing needs, keyword trends, and always creating and A/B testing your ads.

  • Our dashboard gives you everything you need to get a snapshot of what is going on with your campaign. You can see on our map where the clicks, phone calls, and emails are coming from. You can also see the leads, impressions, clicks, and spend by ad network. Finally, after a user clicks on your ad, you can also see the users profile and how users browse your page. Understanding the users profile and browsing behavior is key for optimizing your webpage for increasing leads and for search engine optimization (SEO).
  • I Don't Have A Website Or My Website Needs A Facelift

    Good news! AdHui will build you a new website. If you don’t have a domain, AdHui will even get you a domain and even host your website for free! AdHui makes it easy. You own the website so even if you cancel it is yours for keeps.

    Click here to browse what could be your new webiste in a matter of days.

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